Schärf X-press Vienna black

Unique technology for your Concept: Compactly packaged in an exclu- sive design, our world-wide unique, Xpress Coffee Machines with a patented pis- ton-cylinder technology, guarantee the highest possible comfort with advanced technology of the highest quality and with a puristic design. Thanks to this ground-breaking technology, the following key benefits, among others, can be achieved:

– Extraction via piston / cylinder technology – Perfectly formed cream thanks to a one-of-a-kind pressure equilibrium
– Automatic dispensing; Automatic level regulation
– Long service life
– No pumps necessary
– Can be operated with one, two and three groups


The Principle of success:
– Unparalleled Piston technology with purely hydraulic-mechanical function.
– Powerful, fast and uniform flow of water through freshly ground coffee.
– Dispense espresso coffee at a high speed, exactly according to your needs.
– Extraction of all aromatic substances with unique aroma.
– Perfectly formed cream thanks to a one-of-a kind pressure equilibrium.
– Undesired acids and bitter compounds left behind in the coffee grounds.
– Simultaneous preparation of 1, 2 or 3 cups of authentic espresso.
– Noiseless, durable, continuous, precise and automatic, simply by pressing one single button. – Long life-span and intuitive serviceability.