Xpress Vienna

Inimitable technology for your success

Compact and exclusive in design, our world-famous Schärf Xpress Vienna espresso machine with patented piston-cylinder technology guarantee maximum comfort with state-of-the-art technology of the highest quality. We owe the best quality coffee, from the first to the last step of the value chain, to this unprecedented combination.

“Tradition meets modernity”: a design principle that reflects the Xpress Vienna in its perfection. This visionary piston-cylinder technology with its purely hydraulic-mechanical function is another USP of the Schärf Xpress Vienna espresso machine. The use of this piston technology also explains the very long service life and the intuitive maintainability of all our piston espresso machines.

The principle of our innovative technologies:

  • Patented  piston-cylinder  technology
  • Schärf  “flow and counter-pressure principle”
  • Multi-granularity
  • Clockwork precision in grinding degree adjustment
  • Increased solubility and oxygen incorporation
  • Classic milk foam function
  • Control function of the piston group
  • Efficient service and maintainability