Espress It is actually an incredible beverage concept that integrates itself into existing shops and structures. It is a co-branding sys- tem that exists in harmony with the already existing / established venue as the main brand.

It helps to understand and experience a gastronomic or beverage based gastronomic concept in a simple yet convenient format. In line with our philosophy and proven industry leadership as notable pioneers and trend-set- ters of globally successful concepts, the Espress It con- cept has been developed as a package based on the best of all our successful, global gastronomic concepts. In line with our experience as a trend-setter, we have identified significant business potential and created this amazing concept which we are offering you as a simple yet compact system. From basic and complete packages to simple self-service modules which could be Freestander Cubes (also with Merchandise) or even compact Bar units offering a vast product range, vari- ous interesting integration possibilities can be offered.

T HE ESPRESS IT CONCEPT: BRIEF OVERVIEW Simple yet Attractive, Elegant and Rewarding!

Espress It has been developed as a trendy and cool coffee concept by the Coffeeshop Company. It represents the sim- plest ENTRY LEVEL CONCEPT of the Coffeeshop Compa- ny family and presents itself as a simplified version of the CSC FARM Story, with the colour palette bearing a strong resemblence as well.

It comes across as a vibrant yet energetic concept with an intensive appearance, which helps in communicating the natural farm aspect of where coffee originates from.
This means, the ESPRESS IT aesthetic is eco-friendly, cool, young, trendy and communicates the ,nature’ aspect which one can associate with a farm. This is also the basis of our slogan ,,Inspired by Nature’s Best’’, with our carefully se- lected premium ingredients forming the core of our exciting product range.