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Espress It is actually an incredible beverage concept that integrates itself into existing shops and structures. It is a co-branding sys- tem that exists in harmony with the already existing / established venue as the main brand.

It helps to understand and experience a gastronomic or beverage based gastronomic concept in a simple yet convenient format. In line with our philosophy and proven industry leadership as notable pioneers and trend-set- ters of globally successful concepts, the Espress It con- cept has been developed as a package based on the best of all our successful, global gastronomic concepts. In line with our experience as a trend-setter, we have identified significant business potential and created this amazing concept which we are offering you as a simple yet compact system. From basic and complete packages to simple self-service modules which could be Freestander Cubes (also with Merchandise) or even compact Bar units offering a vast product range, vari- ous interesting integration possibilities can be offered.

T HE ESPRESS IT CONCEPT: BRIEF OVERVIEW Simple yet Attractive, Elegant and Rewarding!

Espress It has been developed as a trendy and cool coffee concept by the Coffeeshop Company. It represents the sim- plest ENTRY LEVEL CONCEPT of the Coffeeshop Compa- ny family and presents itself as a simplified version of the CSC FARM Story, with the colour palette bearing a strong resemblence as well.

It comes across as a vibrant yet energetic concept with an intensive appearance, which helps in communicating the natural farm aspect of where coffee originates from.
This means, the ESPRESS IT aesthetic is eco-friendly, cool, young, trendy and communicates the ,nature’ aspect which one can associate with a farm. This is also the basis of our slogan ,,Inspired by Nature’s Best’’, with our carefully se- lected premium ingredients forming the core of our exciting product range.


Creating the perfect cup of coffee is a Science ! And maintaining this perfection with every cup that we serve, is an Art. This has been the secret of our success and establishment of incredibly strong and effective coffee concepts. The perfect blend of this Science and

Art, have led to the development of ,Espress It’ as the perfect Coffee Concept, tailored to offer the best solutions for you and your customers. We take care of the perfect cup of coffee reaching the customer; we take care of every step in the value chain and offer the entire wealth of our knowl- edge and expertise for your benefit.

Finally, a concept can only be perfect if it appeals to a customer’s emotions and this emotion can only be influenced when the concept has a heart and a soul. For us, the world’s best coffee is the heart of our concept and our unique espresso machine technology, its soul.
This combination, dear Partners, is your key to the treasure chest, which we have prepared for you – a solution for every question that you have; a wealth which we have mastered bean for bean and cup for cup, across continents and decades!

Espress It uses the 2 of 3 main Coffeeshop Company blends :

Strong Blend embodies the fiery Italian character and its strong notes make it perfect for the full-bodied flavour of the espresso. Strong Blend is a special roast of 100% premium Arabica beans.

Intense Blend is a classic Viennese coffee blend of select 100% Arabica beans from Latin America, roasted in the best Viennese tradition. This aromatic blend is extremely light and smooth.

Schärf X-press Vienna black

Unique technology for your Concept: Compactly packaged in an exclu- sive design, our world-wide unique, Xpress Coffee Machines with a patented pis- ton-cylinder technology, guarantee the highest possible comfort with advanced technology of the highest quality and with a puristic design. Thanks to this ground-breaking technology, the following key benefits, among others, can be achieved:

– Extraction via piston / cylinder technology – Perfectly formed cream thanks to a one-of-a-kind pressure equilibrium
– Automatic dispensing; Automatic level regulation
– Long service life
– No pumps necessary
– Can be operated with one, two and three groups


The Principle of success:
– Unparalleled Piston technology with purely hydraulic-mechanical function.
– Powerful, fast and uniform flow of water through freshly ground coffee.
– Dispense espresso coffee at a high speed, exactly according to your needs.
– Extraction of all aromatic substances with unique aroma.
– Perfectly formed cream thanks to a one-of-a kind pressure equilibrium.
– Undesired acids and bitter compounds left behind in the coffee grounds.
– Simultaneous preparation of 1, 2 or 3 cups of authentic espresso.
– Noiseless, durable, continuous, precise and automatic, simply by pressing one single button. – Long life-span and intuitive serviceability.


Just a cup of coffee?

No, it is more than just a drink, much more than just a luxury beverage! With a sip of our coffee, you stand atop a pyramid of inspired emotions and flaming passion from hundreds of processes and devotion of countless ded- icated people. Enjoy the best and most sustainable coffee experience based on over 800 aromas buried deep inside every single coffee bean in all their complexity.

Let us take you through our fascinating world of coffee spe- cialities. From Espresso and Coffee delicacies based on it, for example, our world-famous trademarked Moccacino to the best of Viennese Coffee specialities like Viennese Me- lange and the ever delicious Iced Coffee varieties to Coffee Smoothie, it is nothing more than a mesmerizing experience!

Embark on a remarkable journey with us, as coffee experts who brewed this coffee for you, through the amazing world of coffee. Get a glimpse of nature at its best which will leave you and your clients spellbound!


The ESPRESS IT uniform line

The uniforms are also available in addition to the ESPRESS IT core package for men and women. Trendy & high quality garments round out the overall appearance of the coffee product, menu boards / cards and the hardware components.


Discover the complete ESPRESS It program here. Just click on the link below to start the download.

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* page 34-37 / all SELF SERVICE MODULES are currently only available for Austria, Germany & Switzerland